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By being the source for the majority of diamonds that enter the US, the NYC Diamond District gets its pick of only the finest diamonds. This means that you will find only the best quality of diamonds with the highest clarity ratings when you shop with the NYC Diamond District. Diamonds contain two types of flaws called inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are flaws that occur inside the diamond. Blemishes are on the surface of the diamond.

Choosing the Best for Our Customers

While inclusions and blemishes in high-grade diamonds are no more than tiny, pinprick dots or tiny cloudy spots, they can affect the overall appearance of a diamond. The NYC Diamond District Master Jewelers select the best diamonds under magnification in order to ensure we offer the finest quality at the best prices. When choosing less than flawless diamonds, we choose the best of each classification we deal in for our customers before releasing the rest to other Jewelers in the US and abroad.

Classifications of Clarity

FL – Flawless diamonds are diamonds that have no visible inclusions or blemished under 10x magnification.

Internally Flawless
IF – This classification includes diamonds that are internally flawless yet may have a few external blemishes.

Very Very Slightly Included
VVS1 – VVS2 – These diamonds have very, very slight imperfections that are almost invisible to an experienced grader using 10x magnification.

Very Slightly Included
VS1 – VS2 – The inclusions and blemishes in these diamonds are difficult to spot, but a little bit easier for our experienced graders to find under 10x magnification.

Slightly Included
SI1 – SI2 – Definite inclusions visible under 10x magnification and possibly with the trained naked eye.

I1 – Jewelry grade diamonds with inclusions visible

Below Grade Included
I2 – I3 – Below grade diamonds with multiple inclusions and blemishes visible.

Fewer Flaws Equal Clarity

A diamond’s clarity rating will depend upon how many of these flaws exist in the individual diamond and the extent of their visibility to the naked eye and under magnification of 10x. Diamonds with the fewest flaws have the best clarity ratings. The NYC Diamond District deals with only those diamonds that have the highest ratings and offer the best value for your hard-earned money. Shop the NYC Diamond District and see for yourself.