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The Five C’s

You know them as the four C’s but here at the NYC Diamond District, the fifth C stands for cost. We include it here simply because we offer the finest diamonds on a global scale at prices that are sure to surprise. Let us help you to choose the perfect diamond.
Diamonds are professionally graded using four universal characteristics. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight

At NYC Diamond District, we pose a series of questions designed to define exactly what you are looking for in a diamond. Based upon your answers and affordability, we modify the four characteristics to select or create the perfect diamond for you.



The Carat Weight

Diamond weight is measured in “Carats.” (Equaling 200 milligrams per Carat)

The Color

The greater the absence of color, the greater the value of the diamond.

The Clarity

The fewer the inclusions or blemishes, the greater the clarity, the greater the value.

The Cut

Of the utmost importance, it is the cut that gives the diamond the ability to reflect.